Cactus Love

Camouflage is used for concealment and disguise, to minimize the detection or identification of troops, weapons, equipment and installations, and includes taking advantage of the immediate environment as well as using natural and artificial materials.
The kit includes:Hammer: 1, Secateurs: 2, Insulating tape: 5, S.P. pipe: 5, S.O.F. brush: 2, Hard brush: 2, Strings: 5, Camouflage net(2m x 4m): 1, Canvas (2m x 4m): 1, Glue spray: 5, Soil bag: 5, Shovel: 2, Wire: 10, Aluminum rods: 10

Cactus Love

A perfect solution for blending in with the surroundings to breakup the distinctive human shape.

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