BAE 146 is a quiet but rugged aircraft, with a high level of built-in redundancy. It can carry many of its own spares, allowing it to operate for long periods away from base, with little or no external support. The aircraft has excellent short-field performance and its ability to operate from high or unprepared airfields in missile threat areas means that the aircraft is extremely versatile.

The Puma HC.Mk 2 is a medium support helicopter. The aircraft is used in a variety of combat roles, including the tactical movement of troops, weapons, ammunition and stores on the battlefield, as well as the extraction of casu-alties. It is also employed during non-combatant evacuations, and humanitarian and disaster relief operations. The aircraft is capable of carrying 16 passengers, 12 fully equipped troops or up to 2 tonnes of freight, the latter moved as internal cargo or underslung, or a mix of the two. It can also be fitted with up to six stretchers for operations in the casual-ty evacuation or medical emergency re-sponse team role.

The Defender is a versatile military asset. With an airframe designed to be easily modifiable, the Defender can be used for a variety of roles including: counter terrorism, border patrol, maritime surveillance, policing and urban surveillance, search and rescue, air ambulance and transportation. The Defender can also act as a targeting system for long range weapons and land based vehicles. A sliding door, ten parachutists and a jump master can easily be accommodated if the aircraft is required for training military personnel, and has unbeatable through life costs. The design allows for exceptional low-speed handling and manoeuvring capabilities, permitting the aircraft to almost hang in the air. Its 70-90 knot speed enables continuous tight turns during low level observation, inspection and photography. It is fitted with durable and fuel efficient Rolls Royce Allison engines, 250-B17F flat-rated at 400hp with 200amp generators. Its basic transit speed is 160 knots.

C-130J has four Allison AE turboprop engines with Dowty Aerospace six-bladed composite propellers. Coupled with a new Full Authority Digital Engine-Control (FADEC) system, this gives the C-130J increased take-off thrust and better fuel efficiency. The aircraft also has a revised flight deck with modern glass cockpit and head-up displays, allowing a two pilot flight deck operation. The cockpit of the aircraft is fully night-vision compatible with the use of night-vision goggles. The aircraft has been cleared for wider use in the tactical role.

A rospatiale Gazelle was first produced in 1968 under an Anglo-French agreement between Westlands and A rospatiale . It was designed by Sud Aviation, later A rospatiale, and manufactured in France and the UK. Although it only has one engine, its lightweight chassis gives advantages in its small agile nature and its unparalleled visibility from the cockpit. Commonly used for light transport, scouting and light attack duties. It is powered by a Turbomeca Astazou turbine engine and it was the first helicopter to feature a fenestron tail instead of a conventional tail rotor. Since being introduced to service in 1973, the Gazelle has been procured and operated by the British Army, the French Army and several export customers.

The Husky 4x4 Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) is an Armoured Vehicle (Wheeled) platform, providing Protected Mobility for Combat, Combat Support, Combat Service Support and specialist users of the British Army. Husky is a Medium TSV that carries a crew of two (driver and commander), with the capacity to carry a further two passengers, including a gunner or top cover sentry, plus cargo and/or specialist equipment on its rear flat bed. Husky is a protected Medium TSV that has a Protected Weapon Station, which affords Force Protection and improves survivability for the crew and passengers in contact with the enemy. In some roles it provides Direct Fire support to Dismounted Close Combat.
Variants available: • Utility • Heavy Weapon • Command • Recovery

Land Rover Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (plus) or RWMIK+ are lightly armoured, high mobility weapons platforms based on the Land Rover chassis. A range of fire support weapons can be fitted to the rear mounted 360  tactical support module and to the front of the commander’s seat. The RWMIK+ manoeuvrability, firepower and relatively low profile make it suitable for a range of roles including reconnaissance, convoy protection and fire support. Manufactured by Ricardo Vehicle Engineering, the RWMIK+ has a top speed of 80 km/h and with a crew of 3, has the capacity to support itself and crew over 800km. It is air transportable and can be moved by transport aircraft or by heavy lift helicopter. It is the same basic concept used by the famous SAS and Long Range Desert Group since the Second World War.

Vixen Plus is a visually similar but uprated Snatch 2 that is based on the Land Rover 110 chassis and features an upgraded 2.8Ltr 300 TDI engine with an automatic gear box. The 2 crew and 4 passengers benefit from an internal air conditioning system, heavy duty axles, upgraded braking and modified suspension. The Vixen is intended to operate in a variety of conditions, in both peacetime and operational roles and is designed to be used within an urban environment, for which the handling characteristics and manoeuvrability are suited. Typical roles may include command, reconnaissance, liaison, logistic and administrative.

Land Rover TUM (Truck Utility Medium) and TUL (Truck Utility Light) are 4-wheel drive vehicles, capable of operating on even road surfaces and un-made grounds. These all-terrain versatile vehicles are still in wide use with the UK defence forces. The Land Rover TUM & TUL can be deployed on a range of duties, including patrol, command liaison and transportation of equipment and personnel. The Land Rover TUM is based on the Land Rover 110 chassis and the TUL is based on the Land Rover 90 chassis, both capable of operating while towing and fully laden. The added weight to the TUM increases handling and contributes to an improved towing platform, whilst the TUL gains all the benefits of lighter weight but with the same engine.

MAN Support Vehicle 6T is part of a fleet of support vehicles built on the HX60 chassis by MAN Truck and Bus UK Limited and entered service in 2008. The Fleet is the Army’s workhorse delivering logistic capability for all Army Units. The support vehicle fleet provides far greater mobility than previous generation cargo vehicles and can be upgraded with armour, communications, electronic counter measures and a turret mounted machine gun for protection. The MAN Support Vehicle 6T is available in Cargo or Flat Platform configuration with multiple variants that include:
• Winterised & Waterproof (W&W)
• With Winch (WW)
• Crane Attached Lorry Mounted (CALM)
• Riotous Assembly Protection (RAP)
• Fitted For Armour. But Not With (FFBNW)

CVR(T) is a tracked Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle that has been in operational service with the British Army since the 1970’s. The CVR(T) variants form a series of high mobility, armoured, full tracked vehicles, each designed to fulfil a specific role. CVR(T) comes in five variants:
• Scimitar - Armoured Reconnaissance
• Sultan - Armoured Command and Control
• Spartan - Armoured Personnel Carrier
• Samson - Armoured Recovery
• Samaritan - Armoured Ambulance
Key features include:
• Small and highly mobile
• Air portable
• Cupola Mounted GPMG
• Range 733Km
• Optional mine blast protection and ballistic protection

Yamaha Grizzly is an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) commonly referred to as a Quad-bike. The Grizzly is well utilised by the British Armed Forces in both operational and non-operational environments. It is designed for single operator use and can function effectively in a wide variety of terrains, including urban and off-road environments. The Grizzly can tow a trailer increasing user versatility; key features also include dual throttle fit to offer greater manoeuvrability and a max speed of 75 km/h.

Halmatic Pacific 22 Mk II is a fast rescue rigid hull inflatable boat, constructed in accordance with SOLAS requirements for life saving appliances and approved for eight persons. It is capable of approximately 32 knots at full load, under optimum sea conditions. At 20 knots and at full load, endurance is 4 hours 30 minutes (90nm). The Pacific 22 Mk II is powered by an in-board diesel engine powering a water jet. Until recently it was operated by the Royal Navy as a general sea boat for ship to ship operations (launched from frigates and destroyers) as well as for maritime counter-terrorism operations, ship boarding, counter-piracy and counter-narcotics operations. DESA is working with its specialist contractor to refurbish some Pacific 22s. They are offered for further use and can be viewed and demonstrated in the UK.

Rigid Raider Craft manufactured by RTK Marine (Halmatic) is a versatile fast assault craft that can reach a speed of 33 knots. With durable GRP hulls and operational in arctic seas to equatorial rivers, Rigid Raiders can transport eight personnel with kit and have been employed for rapid incursions and extractions around the world. They can also be air-dropped out to sea.

HMS Scimitar and Sabre are Scimitar-class fast patrol boats of the British Royal Navy. The Scimitar-class vessels were originally built for use on inland waterways in Northern Ireland and were first brought into service in 1993, manned by the Royal Marines based in Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland. HMS Scimitar and Sabre were acquired by the Royal Navy in 2002 and commissioned into the Gibraltar Squadron on 31 January 2003 where they have provided force protection and security to Gibraltar’s maritime environment. They are used for police, customs and rescue purposes as part of the Royal Navy Coastal Squadron.

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