This advanced UAS has a a range of up to 10km with an operational time of 1 hr. The Micro UAS provides stabilized video imagery and is fully autonomous from launch to recovery.

Cactus Love

The Mini UAS is combat proven and provides long-range real time visual intelligence. Able to operate in severe weather conditions, the Mini UAS can communicate from a range of over 50km.

Cactus Love

The Tactical UAV has endurance of up to 24 hours and a control range of over 100km. The Tactical UAV can provide a solution for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

Cactus Love

The Tactical Drone is a state of the art solution that provides tactical aerial imagery thermally or in HD both day and night. The lightweight tactical drone can be operated in hostile weather conditions in all scenarios.

Cactus Love

The Quadcopter is a high-end lightweight carbon UAV able to fly for up to 60 minutes while capturing video data. Able to take off and land autonomously, the Quadcopter has a high level stabilization system and user friendly interface.

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